SmartSteps ®


SmartSteps® Awara’s standard approach for providing quality services through accurate and smart project management. We value each of our assignments as a top priority, and therefore we always apply our highly professional approach in the deliverance of our services, ensuring top quality and added value to our clients’ endeavors.

Our SmartSteps concept results from the adaption of best practices for each project type, while abiding by basic requirements.

SmartSteps Basics:

1. The starting point and basis of each project is a need for thorough analysis.
2. The expected results are defined on the basis of requirements.
3. Once the limits and scopes are defined, we plan how to best achieve the goals set.
4. Work is performed according to plans.
5. Service delivery varies and depends on the type of service. Before delivery, we check the results by comparing them to the original and additional needs and definitions. The process is thus iterative in order to meet the requirements in ever changing environments.

SmartSteps® applied to our market research services include:

1. Meeting with customers to define the subject of the research (research aim/issue)
2. Analysis of requirements
3. Planning of the research approach and implementation
4. Presentation of research plan and schedule to customers
5. Pre-screening of data collection locations and sources (e.g., experts, publications, etc.)
6. Testing of research instruments
7. Data collection
8. Data classification
9. Data analysis
10. Presentation of results of the research
11. Post-research support (e.g., further research, addressing additional questions, etc.)

SmartSteps® applied to Awara Sales Management Services include:

1. Meeting with the customer to define the requirements and goals
2. Analysis of requirements
3. Market research
4. Identifying the most suitable specialists for your assignment
5. Customized approach (training/ start-up)
6. Determining and implementing sales/ export strategies (advisory services)
7. Business promotion and development services/ sales activities
8. Regular reporting
9. Marketing services (in collaboration with our partners)